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Marc Neander


I'm Marc, a Stockholm based coder who's also a dad, rockclimber and boyfriend. Before we get into what I'm actually good at 9-5 I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.

In March 2017 I became a dad to a little dude called Sam. Most of my days I hang out with him and my girlfriend. When I dont, I go rockclimbing. Climbing is both my meditation and training in life, basically what keeps me sane. When I'm on vacation, chances are high there's gonna be rock to climb on.

Once in a while I also enjoy a beer or two. Though I must admit that since becoming a dad, that part of my life has severely taken a hit.

Other than that, I'm just another 27 year old. I used to drive cool motorbikes. Now I drive a Honda Innova. It's a great bike for getting to work I keep telling myself...


For the past 11 years I've been hacking HTML and CSS, 7 of them also JavaScript.

A couple of years ago I was the guy that would sit and hack evenings and weekends and try all the coolest new plugins, libraries and frameworks. Right now I'm satisfied reading a couple of articles that pops up in my Twitter feed.

I try to keep up with the JavaScript world. At work we've adopted React + Redux a while ago. At my previous job we chose AngularJS. I've created and maintained forks of Bootstrap modified to match specific design language.

I love Node.js! It's been so much fun being a frontend developer since it's breakthrough. And with all it's hype comes a huge community, both amazing and frightening. I've become very careful choosing thirdparty dependencies and I take security seriously!

Unfortunately most of my work is under some sort of NDA and I've rarely been able to open source code I've written. Go and check out my Github anyways.

Below are tags that represents what I'll use often or what I'm good at. Size matters!

JavaScript HTML CSS UX

React Redux Node.js npm/yarn SSR AngularJS LESS/SASS Stylelint ESLint Jest Webpack Docker Terminal Git SEO jQuery

React Native Sketch Gemini Nightwatch PostCSS Chrome DevTools Jira Ionic Gulp

MySQL Python PHP PostgreSQL Photoshop Redis RESTful API Express Wordpress Joomla

Work content

Where do I work?

At Schibsted. A media group owning a bunch of marketplaces and newspapers mostly in Norway and Sweden but has operations in 22 countries.

I'm at Byt Bil Nordic AB, a vehicle marketplace. Byt Bil has all of Swedens car dealers as customers, bringing them tools to manage their inventory and creating the best value for the end users. We also work closely with Blocket to maximize the exposure for our car dealers.


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